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Transportation Services
New Car Locator
  • New Cadillacs
  • New Fords
  • New Chevrolets
  • New Dodges
  • New Jeeps
  • New GM Cars
  • New American Cars
  • We move the new car stock you don't want out.
  • We bring the new car stock you do want in.
  • We provide complete transport services.
  • We provide dealership services. We do not service the general public.

Elite Locators, Inc.
2292 Mayport Road Suite 31
Jacksonville, Fl. 32233
(904) 853-6656 Phone
(904) 853-5435 Fax
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What we do is adjust your inventory needs accordingly. We are not a broker. At Elite Locators we charge a fee for services offered. We do not have a dealer’s license therefore we cannot do retail deals. As a locator, it is our job and responsibility to strictly handle your inventory needs as well as other dealerships across the country. We arrange the transport of vehicles from dealer to dealer. In doing so, the dealers pay us a small fee. We will not compromise the integrity of any brands distribution system. We assist dealers in our network in the following manner:

Elite Locators Increases overall profitability of dealership.

Elite Locators Decreases your aged inventory for increased profitability.

Elite Locators Increases selection of sellable units.

We understand that during a difficult economy every dealer needs an assistant. You need someone who specializes in your products to help maintain a clean inventory. Dealerships have decreased their staff while responsibilities have increased. Time is something you cannot replace. We stand ready to help you with prompt, professional service. Please let us assist you today. If you have any questions simply contact us via the info below.

Please allow us to go to work for you and your dealership.

Getting your vehicles from Point A to Point B – quickly, affordably, and safely. We do it better than anyone. Whether you have Automobiles, Trucks, SUV's or Motorcycles, whether you’re sending them across the country or across town, we have the right people at the right price.


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